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We wish to inform you that tomorrow, Friday September 22th, 2017, the documents of the Archival Collections will not be available for consultation.



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Vatican Library
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Archivist and Librarian of the Holy Roman Church
His Excellence Most Reverend
Msgr. Jean-Louis Bruguès, O.P.

Msgr. Cesare Pasini

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Vice Prefect
Dr. Ambrogio M. Piazzoni

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  • +39/06698.85804

Director, Manuscript Department
Dr. Paolo Vian

Director, Printed Books Department
Dr. Timothy Janz

Director, Numismatic Department
Dr. Eleonora Giampiccolo

Dr. Stefano Righetti


Porterís Lodge

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Admissions Office

Bursarís Office

Accessions Office

Exhibitions Service

Reproductions and Rights Office

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School of Library Science

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