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    • Cento immagini del XIX secolo dalla Raccolta Fotografica della Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

      Voltan, Anna Maria
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    • The Prints Cabinet of the Vatican Library preserves a collection of about 7,000 photographs originating from the Polish Academy of Sciences in Rome. The collection is made up of large-format photographic prints mounted on cardboard, in an excellent state of preservation. Thanks to the great variety of the subjects and to the numerous photographers involved, they offer a panorama of the evolution of photography from the 1860’s to the 1890’s. They include views of cities, churches, buildings, ancient ruins, archeological excavations, and reproductions of works of art from around the world. The artists include professional and commercial photographers such as Carlo Naya, Enrico Verzaschi, Giorgio Sommer; the companies Alinari, Anderson, Brogi; and also Romualdo Moscioni, Pompeo Molins, Robert Rive, Ludovico Tuminello, Antonio Beato, Pascal Sebah, Felix Bonfils, Séraphin-Médéric Mieusement, Adolphe Braun. This volume reproduces a selection of 100 images, some of which reproduce Italian places and monuments which have been profoundly modified in the meantime, while others document the archeological sites of countries like Syria, Egypt and Turkey, photographed by travelers and explorers who carried large plates and heavy photographic equipment in their baggage. The result is a multifaceted volume which gives an idea of the exceptionally rich photographic heritage preserved in the Photographic Collection of the Vatican Library.

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