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    • I Disegni del Codice Capponiano 237

      Gobbi, Manuela; Prosperi, Simonetta Valenti RodinÚ
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    • This book consists of an analytical study of the drawings contained in the MS Capponiano 237, which belonged to the library of Marquess Alessandro Gregorio Capponi and became part of the Vatican Library in 1746. Capponi, who was a prominent figure in eighteenth-century Rome and a great art lover, is noted in our sources for the consistent interest in antiquities which characterizes most of his graphical work which is found in the Vatican Library. The present manuscript is unique in that it is a miscellany of 309 drawings from Italian and foreign schools, including primarily Roman and Tuscan works representing various subjects, from figure studies to mythological and sacred scenes. Some of the great names which emerge are Ludovico Cardi, Federico Zuccari, Pietro da Cortona and Nicolas Poussin. The heterogeneity of the material, which ranges from the end of the fifteenth to the middle of the eighteenth, has required considerable research for attribution of the works. The drawings are divided by geographical regions and presented in chronological order, in an attempt to give some coherence and logic to the presentation of such stylistically and technically diverse drawings, which were apparently inserted at random in the present codex. Introductory essays by the two editors are followed by a detailed catalogue of the drawings, by the same authors with the collaboration of Prof. Giulio Bora, of Dr Stefano Bruzzese and of Dr Francesco Grisolia. The indices which close the volume include a catalogue of watermarks by Dr Gabriella Pace.

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