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We wish to inform you that tomorrow, Friday September 22th, 2017, the documents of the Archival Collections will not be available for consultation.

Archival Collections


  1. Archivio Barberini   Arch. Barb.
  2. Archivio Barberini Colonna di Sciarra   Arch. Barb. Colonna di Sciarra
  3. Archivio del Capitolo di S. Pietro   Arch. Cap. S. Pietro
  4. Archivio Chigi   Arch. Chig.
  5. Archivio Colonna   Arch. Colonna
  6. Notai d'Orange   Not. Orange
  7. Computisteria Ottoboni   Comp. Ott.
  8. Pantheon   Pantheon
  9. Raccolta Patetta Daugnon   Racc. Patetta Daugnon
  10. S. Anastasia   S. Anastasia
  11. S. Angelo in Pescheria   S.Angelo in Pescheria
  12. S. Maria in Cosmedin   S. Maria in Cosmedin
  13. S. Maria in Via Lata   S. Maria in Via Lata
  14. Archivio Salviati   Arch. Salviati

The other collections are not yet available for consultation.

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