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Conservation Workshop


Survey and conservation of japanese archives. The Marega collection project in the Vatican Library

Vatican Library, October 5th-6th, 2016

Wednesday 5th October (40 participants) Scuola di Biblioteconomia Vaticana, Via della Conciliazione 1, Roma

8:30-9Welcoming addresses
9-9:45Ángela Núñez Gaitán (Vatican Library):
"Surveying Methodology of Japanese Historical Documents in the Marega Project"
9:45-10:30Mutsumi Aoki (National Institute of Japanese Literature): "Preservation of Historical Documents in Japan: its Theory and Practice"
10:30-10:45Questions and discussion
10:45-11:15Coffee Break

11:15-12Katsuhiko Masuda (Formerly Showa Women’s University): "On Washi: the Paper of Documents and the Paper used for Conservation"
12-12:45Naohiro Ota (National Institute of Japanese Literature): "Formats and Typology of Japanese Historical Documents"
12:45-13Questions and discussion

14-14:45Masako Kanayama (Gangoji Institute for Research of Cultural Property):
"Current Techniques for Conservation of Archival Materials in Japan and Traditional Methods"
14:45-15:30Maria Rosaria Castelletti, Silvia Foschetti, Marta Grimaccia (Vatican Library):
"Western Conservators Experiences with Japanese Archival Materials: the Marega project"
15:30-15:45Questions and discussion
15:45-16:15Coffee Break

16:15-17Maki Takashina (National Institute of Japanese Literature):
"Introducing the Newest Salvage and Conservation Techniques used after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami"
17-17:45Alessandro Sidoti (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze):
"Plan Disaster for Floods at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale in Florence"
17:45-18Questions and discussion

Thursday 6th October (practical session: 16 participants) Laboratorio di Restauro, Biblioteca Vaticana, Cortile del Belvedere, Città del Vaticano

  • Water mending
  • Reattaching folios of the jo (demonstration only)
  • Reattaching manuscript strips on the jo (demonstration only)
  • Lining
  • Opening jo using Rayon
  • Koyori
  • Conservation treatments on the binding (mending double folios, reinserting koyori) (demonstration only)

  • English 
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